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This website has FOUR main purposes:

(1) To educate readers about the emotional/secondary effects of dyslexia.

(2) To educate mainstream teachers about dyslexia and SEN in the classroom

(3) To drive my new research into ‘Dyslexia and Success’

(4) Introduce a new dyslexic fiction author - Alex Nile.

Dyslexia: Dating, Marriage & Parenthood

Investigating communication difficulties

This new innovative book aims to investigate adults with dyslexics and their long-term relationships are affected by their learning differences. Non-dyslexic partners were interviewed and they make several interesting claims that communication is affected.

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As a researcher, SENCO, Special educational needs teacher (SEN) and a dyslexic myself. I aim to produce research and publications that question current perception of living with a learning difficulty. Such a difficulty that affects not only children, but adults as well.

I invite to you to look at the different areas of this website, and I welcome comments and suggestions about how it can be improved.

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